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My school has recently bought an Arduino.

Its original purpose was to allow to perform physics experiments in a more innovative way by automatically collecting data using some sensors.

However until a few weeks ago nobody used it. So I started thinking about developing an easy to use software in order to connect the computer with the sensors available to the school and save the data on a CSV file.

This project took me an entire weekend, but in the end I finished writing the software. It is a portable software written in Java, working on both Linux and Windows, that allows the user to connect with the Arduino, collect data, preview it on a real time chart, and then export the data on a CSV file or export the chart as a PNG image. It has a complete and easy to use graphical interface, and it is packed in a single jar file, allowing it to be executed easily on any machine just by downloading the file and clicking on it.

I have also written a few Arduino sketches that allow different sensors to be used with JDAC: a DS18B20 temperature probe, a sketch that generates random data for testing purposes, and a sketch that collects data from a Casio EA200 or Casio CLAB unit.

The software is open source, the source code, along with the packed jar file, is available on my GitHub repository: https://github.com/michelelizzit/jdac

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Screenshot of the JDAC Java application