Michele Lizzit


Campanella: an open-source bell managing system designed for schools


The source code of Campanella and a detailed description of the project is available on GitHub:

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Campanella is the continuation of CopernicoDrin and inherits all its features.

Description of the project:

Campanella is a bell management system designed for schools.
It is composed of a Raspberry PI (or any other Linux machine), and a loudspeaker or regular electric bell.
The system can be configured through a user-friendly web interface and represents a valid and accurate alternative to the expensive (and often inaccurate) timers that are often used for this purpose.
The system rings the bell and/or plays a sound on the loudspeaker according to the customizable internal schedule.
The software is very versatile and can plan different timetables: daily, weekly, monthly or custom.
The internal clock is automatically synchronized with a remote atomic clock via NTP once per day.
The system is designed for schools but is suitable for a lot more applications!
The system supports an optional HD44780 or serial LCD to display the time from the internal clock.