A particle accelerator   Recently updated !

I have recently built a little particle accelerator, which is not as complicated as it seems. My purpose was to accelerate electrons and collide them with a dense target in order to produce bremsstrahlung radiation. This is usually done using a heated filament and a positively charged metal plate in […]

Solar panel data on a telephone   Recently updated !

connected a CP-6941 Cisco phone with the house’s Asterisk running on the UDOO, and I set the idle page to a custom page on my Energy Monitor so that now, after 5 minutes of inactivity, the phone displays the power produced by solar panels and the amount of power used by the house […]

PhyLab 2.0 at MakerFaire Rome 2016

PhyLab 2.0, the project developed by Daniele Toppano, Marco Ferrari and me, has been accepted at MakerFaire Rome 2016. With our school we will be exhibiting our project from 14 to 16 October at Fiera di Roma. For more information about our project: PhyLab 2.0